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CONTRALAB Quarterly Index to the Dances

The two tables below are intended for use by someone who has a collection of Contralab Quarterly magazines.

If you are looking for readable or downloadable Articles look in the Resource Index.

If you are looking for dance choreography look in the Dance Choreo section which has a separate Dance Index.

Theme Index
ThemeQuarterly Issue
Alternate Duples Beginning Up and Down2014 Spring
Autumn2016 Fall
Beginner Contras2013 Spring
Beginner Dancers2018 Summer
Chain the Sausage2019 Winter
Christmas2016 Fall
Contra Corners2018 Winter
Eight Dancers or Less2017 Winter
Figure Eight2013 Fall
Flutterwheel Sicilians2013 Fall
Gordon Smith (his presentations at NSDC)2021 Winter
Heel and Toe 2014 Fall
Hey for Four2017 Fall
Irish 2015 Winter
Lancers2017 Spring
Mainstream Calls2014 Winter
Mixers2017 Spring
No Courtesy Turns2019 Winter
NSDC Syllabus 64th in Springfield, Mass.2016 Winter
Paul Moore (his creations)2019 Spring
Petronella Turns2018 Fall
Physical Distancing2020 Summer
Proper Lines with Whole Set Progression2016 Spring
Ricochet2018 Spring
Sicilians2017 Summer
Right and Left Thru Sicilians2013 Fall
Square Dance Calls2016 Summer
Stew Shacklette (his creations)2015 Spring
Triplets2015 Summer

Sortable Index to Dances

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330 BLUESPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
3, 33-33Steve Zakon-AndersonAlternate Duple2019 Winter
A NICE COMBINATIONGene HubertAlternate Duple2016 Summer
A PENNY SAVEDStew ShackletteProper Duple2015 Winter
AFTERNOON GYPSY EYESPat KelmAlternate Duple Dbl2013 Spring
AIN'T DANCING GRANDJohn CoffmanAlternate Duple2018 Fall
AIRPANTSLisa GreenleafAlternate Duple2019 Winter
ALL AMERICAN PROMENADEJim ArknessMixer2017 Spring
ALL AMERICAN PROMENADERoger WhynotAlternate Duple2017 Spring
ALLYNN'S MOUNTAIN REELAllynn RiggsBecket2016 Fall
AMERICAN HORNPIPEJohn Schell BookProper Duple2014 Spring
ANNIVERSARY REELJean and Ted SanellaAlternate Duple2018 Spring
ANOTHER FLIRTY ATTEMPTMarian HepburnAlternate Duple2018 Spring
ANGENETTE'S FANCYJohn Schell BookProper Duple2014 Spring
ANNE'S ADVICEHeiner FischleAlternate Duple2016 Winter
APRIL FOOLStew ShackletteTriplet Proper2015 Winter
ARDOISE SWINGSDottie WelchAlternate Duple2015 Spring
ASHLEY'S STARBob DalsemerSquare2013 Spring
ASTON POLKA CONTRAJohn FindlayAlternate Duple Dbl2014 Fall
AULD LANG SYNE CONTRABob HowellAlternate Duple2014 Spring
BAKER'S WIFEStew ShackletteProper Duple2015 Winter
BALANCING BILLYDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2013 Spring
BALSAM REELRoger WhynotAlternate Duple2014 Spring
BALSAM REELRoger WhynotAlternate Duple2014 Fall
BALTIMORE WEATHERVANEGrant LoganAlternate Duple2016 Winter
BANJO CONTRAJerry HeltAlternate Duple2014 Fall
BANJO PICKER'S CONTRAPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
BARLEY AND OATSKen KernenProper Lines2014 Summer
BATTLE OF THE BANDSBetsy GottaAlternate Duple2016 Winter
BASS DESIRESSteven MethotAlternate Duple2019 Winter
BEAUTIFUL LADYPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
BEAUX OF ALBANYJohn Schell BookTriple Proper2014 Spring
BECK AND CALLDavid SmuklerBecket2019 Winter
BECKY'S IRISH LACEPaul MooreProper Duple for 42019 Spring
BENNETT'S FAVORITE REELJohn Schell BookAlternate Duple2014 Spring
BIG SOMBRERO CONTRABob RuffAlternate Duple2013 Summer
BIG SOMBRERO CONTRABob RuffAlternate Duple2014 Winter
BILLINGSDALE PATTERNChip Hendrickson4 Dancers2017 Winter
BINGO WALTZ MIXERBill & Gretchen CastnerMixer2017 Spring
BLUE DUKE CONTRA(Unknown)Alternate Duple2014 Spring
BONNY CUCKOOGail TicknorProper Duple for 42019 Spring
BOX CIRCULATE SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
BROKEN SIXPENCEDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2016 Summer
B. S. A. CONTRADoug KaneAlternate Duple2017 Summer
BUFFALO GAL's TRIODon ArmstrongTrio2017 Winter
BUFFALO GAL'S FOR THREEDon Armstrong3 Dancers2017 Winter
BUTTERGene HubertBecket2017 Fall
BUTTERGene HubertBecket2019 Spring
BUTTER HER UPJohn CoffmanBecket2019 Spring
CALIFORNIA QUADRILLEPat KelmQuadrille2017 Spring
CALLISON HALL JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple Dbl2014 Winter
CALLISON HALL JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple Dbl2014 Fall
CALLISON HALL FOR BEGINNERSLloyd Shaw MusicAlternate Duple Dbl2014 Fall
CALLISON HALL FOR SWINGERSDottie WelchAlternate Duple Dbl2014 Fall
CANYON CONTRADon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2016 Summer
CARMEN'S SCARFPaul BallietAlternate Duple2015 Spring
CARMEN'S SCARFPaul BallietAlternate Duple2016 Fall
CARRIE UNDER THE ARBOR(Unknown)Proper Duple2015 Spring
CASTING IN LAKE ARROWHEADPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
CASTING SIXPENCEDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2014 Winter
CAYMAN ISLANDDon ArmstrongTriple Proper2018 Winter
CB CONTRAWalt ColeAlternate Duple2016 Summer
CENTRAL TRUSTPaul Moore & Yona ChockAlternate Duple2019 Spring
CENTRIFUGAL HEYGene HubertAlternate Duple2017 Fall
CHAIN THE HEYBecky HillAlternate Duple2017 Fall
CHARLOTTE'S DREAMBob HowellTriple Proper2015 Winter
CHASING BUTTERFLIESJim HemphillBecket2015 Fall
CHETICAMP LONG POTATODottie WelchProper Lines2013 Spring
CHETICAMP LONG POTATODottie WelchProper Lines2016 Spring
CHICO, CHICOPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
CHORUS JIGTraditionalTriple Proper or Duple 2018 Winter
CHRISTMAS HORNPIPETraditionalProper Duple2016 Fall
CHRISTMAS STARDottie WelchProper Duple2016 Fall
CIRCLE AROUND CHRISTMASPat KelmSicilian2016 Summer
CITRONELLA MORNINGBill OlsenAlternate Duple2018 Fall
CLASSIC COMMUNITY WALTZTraditionalMixer2015 Summer
CLASSIC OLD JOEPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Spring
CLASSIC OLD JOEPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Summer
COBB'S HILL REELEd ButenhofProper Duple2014 Winter
COLONEL NORTH'S CONTRA INSURGENCYErna-Lynne BogueAlternate Duple2019 Winter
COMMITTEE CONTRAPaul MooreProper Duple2019 Spring
CONTRA-ACTIONKen KernenAlternate Duple2013 Summer
CONTRA CORNERSRob HarperAlternate Duple2018 Winter
CONTRA CORNERS TRIODottie WelchTrio2018 Winter
CONTRA CORNERS TRIPLET #2Dottie WelchTriplet2018 Winter
CONTRARIWISEBarry DupenBecket2018 Winter
COVE LAKE OUTLETDottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
CRANBURY HEYEd PotterTriple Improper2017 Fall
CROSS RUN SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
CUMBERLAND REELTraditionalProper Lines2016 Summer
DAVIDíS MANDOLINPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
DAVIDíS TRIPLET #1.5David SmuklerTriplet Proper2018 Winter
DAVID'S TRIPLET #4David SmuklerTriplet2017 Winter
DAVIDíS TRIPLET #5David SmuklerTriplet Proper2015 Spring
DAVIDíS TRIPLET #6David SmuklerTriplet2017 Winter
DEEP WATERPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
DEER PARK LANCERSTraditionalSquare2017 Summer
DEVILíS BACKBONE(THE)William WatsonMescolanza2019 Summer
DEVINíS BATPaul MooreBecket2019 Spring
DIAGONAL DILLYDottie WelchProper Duple2018 Winter
DIAGONAL DILLY SIMPLIFIEDDottie WelchProper Duple2018 Winter
DIANE'S CONTRA CORNERS #4Diane SilverTriplet Proper2019 Summer
DIXIE REELPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
DOMINO FIVE4th Carnforth Book5 Dancers2017 Winter
DON BOSCO HORNPIPEHeiner FischleTriplet2017 Fall
DONíT FORGET US CONTRAWalt ColeBecket2014 Winter
DOSADO AND FACE THE SIDESGrant Loganís adaptationQuadrille2014 Fall
DOUBLE DOTStew Shacklette5 Dancers2017 Winter
DOUBLE STAR TRIPLETDottie WelchTriplet2017 Winter
DOUBTFUL SHEPHERDcirca 1808Triple Proper2015 Winter
DUMBARTON DRUMSTradtionalMescolanza2017 Spring
EARL AND SQUIRRELChris WeilerAlternate Duple2015 Winter
EASY EIGHTDottie WelchProper Duple2013 Fall
EASYNELLAHeiner FischleAlternate Duple2018 Fall
EASY PETRONELLA(Unknown)Alternate Duple2018 Fall
ELLENíS GREEN JIGRoy DommettAlternate Duple2019 Winter
ESSEX REELTony ParkesAlternate Duple2019 Winter
FALL COLORSPat KelmAlternate Duple2016 Fall
FAMILY CONTRASherry NevinsProper or Alt Duple2016 Winter
FAREWELL WALTZ CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Summer
FAREWELL WALTZ CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2018 Fall
FARMER'S JIGTraditional WelshProper Duple 4 couples2017 Winter
FAST HANDSDiane SilverAlternate Duple2019 Summer
FEBRUARY ROBINSDottie WelchAlternate Duple2015 Summer
FERRY CROSSINGPat KelmTriplet Proper2018 Spring
FICKLE SPRINGPaul MooreAlternate Duple2019 Spring
FIGURE SKATING CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2013 Fall
FIRST HEYPaul BallietAlternate Duple2017 Fall
FIRST NIGHT QUADRILLEBob DalsemerQuadrille2016 Summer
FISHING LINEPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Winter
FLIRTATION REELTony ParkesAlternate Duple2018 Spring
FLIRT AND FOLLOWPat KelmTriplet Proper2013 Spring
FLUTTERWHEEL TEACHDottie WelchSicilian2013 Fall
FOGGY ROADDottie WelchAlternate Duple2015 Summer
FOLD AND FOLLOWDottie WelchAlternate Duple2014 Winter
FOR BOBPaul MooreAlternate Duple2016 Winter
FORT McHENRYChuck QuigleyBecket2013 Fall
FOUR AROUND FOURVar Kingston FlyerProper Lines 42017 Summer
FRACTION CONTRADottie WelchBecket2014 Winter
FREDERICK CONTRATom Hinds, var Lisa GreenleafAlternate Duple2015 Fall
FRENCH QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrille2014 Fall
FROGGY GOES COURTINGPat KelmSicilian2017 Summer
FRUIT PUNCHDiane SilverBecket2019 Summer
GAY GORDONSTraditional Scottish DanceMixer or Not2017 Spring
GEORGE AND AMBERíS WEDDINGDottie WelchAlt Dup or Sicilian2014 Summer
GEUD MAN OF BALLANGIGHEnglish CountryProper Duple2016 Fall
GOOD MAN RELAYDottie Welch Proper Duple2016 Fall
GOTHIC DANCETraditionalProper Lines2016 Spring
GOUTUMER ROUTINEJan KloestraMixer2014 Spring
GRAPEVINE CONTRA(Unknown)Alternate Duple2014 Winter
HALF HEY SLIDEDottie WelchBecket2017 Fall
HANDSOME YOUNG MAIDSSue RosenAlternate Duple2019 Winter
HANNOVER TRIPLET #1Heiner FischleTriplet2015 Summer
HANNOVER TRIPLET #3Heiner FischleTriplet2015 Summer
HANNOVER TRIPLET #6Heiner FischleTriplet Crossed2016 Summer
HANNOVER TRIPLET #9Heiner FischleTriplet2015 Summer
HANNOVER TRIPLET #12Heiner FischleTriplet2015 Summer
HANNOVER TRIPLET #14Heiner FischleTriplet2013 Fall
HAPPY AS A COLD PIG IN WARM MUDMike BoersigAlternate Duple2016 Winter
HARTLAND HEYPat KelmAlternate Duple2018 Spring
HAY IN THE BARNChart GuthrieAlternate Duple2017 Fall
HEARTBEAT CONTRADon FlahertyType2019 Winter
HEARTBEAT CONTRADon FlahertyType2019 Summer
HEART OF GLASSCary RavitzBecket2017 Fall
HEART OF GLASSCary RavitzBecket2018 Spring
HEART OF GLASS VARIATIONCary RavitzBecket2018 Spring
HEEL AND TOE(Unknown)Becket2016 Spring
HEMLOCK GROVE AT LITTLE BAY DE NOCDottie WelchAlternate Duple2019 Winter
HEY FLUTTER CONTRADottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
HEY HEY CONTRAFrom Jerry HeltAlternate Duple2017 Fall
HEY IN THE BARNChart GuthrieAlternate Duple2017 Fall
HEY MANPaul BallietBecket2017 Fall
HEY SLIDEDottie WelchBecket2017 Fall
HOCUS POCUSLisa GreenleafAlternate Duple2015 Fall
HOCUS POCUSLisa GreenleafAlternate Duple2017 Fall
HOPSCOTCH REELBob Isaacs & Chris PageBecket2018 Fall
HORNPIPE HEYDottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
HORTENSIAíS CRAVATBronwyn WoodsAlternate Duple2017 Fall
IDAHO CAMAS PRAIRIEDottie WelchAlternate Duple2016 Winter
IDAHO CAMAS PRAIRIEDottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
INDEPENDENCE FOREVERJon SouthardAlternate Duple2019 Winter
INDIANA SPECIALPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Winter
INDICATOR TRIPLETCarol David-BlackmanTriplet2018 Winter
INFLATION REELTony ParkesAlternate Duple2014 Winter
IRISH HOLIDAY CONTRAPat KelmSicilian2016 Winter
IRISH POLKA CONTRAPaul MooreSicilian2016 Winter
IRISH WASHERWOMANTraditionalAlternate Duple2015 Winter
JANUARY SEVENTH JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2014 Spring
JANUARY 7TH JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2017 Fall
JANUARY MIXERBob DalsemerMixer2015 Winter
JEAN'S FLINGStew ShackletteMixer2015 Winter
JEFFERSON'S REELTraditionalProper Duple2016 Summer
JEN AND SEAN'S WEDDING CONTRAPat KelmProper Duple2013 Spring
JENNY REEL(Unknown)Mixer2017 Spring
JEREMYíS JIGPat Kelm (April 2016)Becket2016 Spring
JLM CONTRAMona CannellAlternate Duple2014 Winter
JLM CONTRAMona CannellAlternate Duple2016 Summer
JOYS OF QUEBECChip HendricksonProper Duple2017 Spring
JSK WEDDING CONTRAPat KelmAlt Duple or Sicilian2013 Spring
JSK WEDDING CONTRAPat KelmAlt Duple or Sicilian2013 Fall
JUDY'S CONTRALeif HetlandAlternate Duple Dbl2016 Winter
JUNE BUG REELDottie WelchProper Lines2016 Spring
KATHIE'S DELIGHTStew ShackletteMixer2015 Winter
KEEP THE DEVIL OFF BALANCEPat KelmAlternate Duple2013 Spring
KEEP THE DEVIL OFF BALANCEPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Winter
KINFOLKSTraditional, revised by Pat KelmSquare2018 Summer
KIWI RINGScottish CountryMixer2015 Spring
KNOWLE PARKEnglish CountryProper Duple2013 Spring
LA CHAPELLOISETraditionalMixer2017 Spring
LADY GO ROUND THE LADYTraditionalSquare2018 Summer
LANCERS QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrille2017 Summer
LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL (THE)English CountryTriplet2017 Winter
LEFT SWING THRU SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
LE MARCHANT HEEL AND TOEDottie WelchAlt Dup or Sicilian2015 Spring
LE VOYAGEURDavid SmuklerAlternate Duple2019 Winter
LONESOME SHEPHERDJack McKayTriple Crossed2015 Winter
LONG POTATOTraditional Step Lively 2Proper Lines2016 Spring
MAKE AN ARCHTraditionalSquare2018 Summer
MANDOLIN CONTRAGlen NickersonAlternate Duple2014 Fall
MARCHING TO PRETORIABob Brundage, var Bob HowellConcentric2014 Winter
MARJORIE DAWPat KelmAlternate Duple2018 Spring
MARKET LASSTraditionalTriple Proper2017 Spring
MAY DAY CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Spring
MAY DAY CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Summer
MAY MADNESSDottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
MICHAEL'S CONFUSIONStew ShackletteMixer2015 Winter
MICROCHASMIC REELAnn FallonTriplet Proper2017 Winter
MICROCHASMIC REELAnn FallonTriplet Proper2018 Winter
MIDWEST FOLKLOREOrace JohnsonBecket2015 Fall
MIKE FOUND THE COFFEE CUPMike FeurstBecket2019 Summer
MINIMUM FUSS, MAXIMUM FUNDean SnipesAlternate Duple2019 Spring
MINI VIRGINNYTraditionalTriplet2017 Winter
MISSED MY EXITBetsy GottaAlternate Duple2017 Fall
MONA'S TRIPStew ShackletteQuadrille2016 Summer
MUSIC BOX DANCERCorbin GeisTrios Facing2017 Summer
MUSIC BOX DANCERCorbin GeisTrios Facing2018 Summer
MOSTLY HEYGlen Morningstar JrAlternate Duple2019 Spring
NANTUCKET SLEIGH RIDEKirsten KothsAlternate Duple2019 Winter
NEWLYWED'S REELJean & Ted SannellaProper Duple2018 Spring
NEW ENGLAND MARCHTony McUmberAlternate Duple2017 Fall
NICE COMBINATION (A)Gene HubertAlternate Duple2016 Summer
NINEPIN QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrille2014 Spring
NO NAME CONTRAJerry HeltProper Lines2015 Spring
NORTHERN LIGHTSTraditionalSquare2018 Summer
OKLAHOMA, OKDottie WelchBecket2013 Summer
OLD CENTURY REELDon ArmstrongProper Duple2013 Fall
ONES TRADE TWOS TRADE SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
OSHTEMOTIONBarry DupenBecket2018 Winter
OXO ReelJack Hamilton6 couple Duple2015 Winter
OXO ReelJack Hamilton6 couple Duple2015 Winter
OXO ReelJohn Tether variation6 couple Duple2015 Winter
OXO ReelYankee Doodle Music6 couple Duple2015 Winter
OXO ReelArching Variation6 couple Duple2015 Winter
PADDY ON THE TURNPIKETraditionalAlternate Duple2016 Winter
PARTNERíS DELIGHTBetsy GottaProper Duple2018 Spring
PASS THE OCEAN SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
PATRIOTíS JIGTed SannellaAlternate Duple2014 Winter
PATíS CIRCLE CONTRAPat KelmSicilian2018 Summer
PEDAL PUSHERSBob DalsemerAlternate Duple2019 Summer
PELICANS ON THE ASSINIBOINE RIVERDottie WelchAlternate Duple2014 Spring
PETRONELLATraditionalProper Duple2018 Fall
PETRONELLA ALTEREDPat KelmAlternate Duple2013 Spring
PETRONELLA ALTEREDPat KelmAlternate Duple2018 Fall
PETRONELLA'S PINDave ColestockAlternate Duple2015 Fall
PETRONELLA'S PINDave ColestockAlternate Duple2018 Fall
PETRONELLA SPELLADottie WelchAlternate Duple2018 Fall
PETRONELLA TRIPLETDottie WelchTriplet Crossed2018 Fall
PICTURED ROCKS NATIONAL LAKESHOREDottie WelchAlternate Duple2019 Winter
POLKA DOT(Unknown)5 Dancers2017 Winter
POLKA MIXERvar Children's PolkaProper Duple 5 or 72017 Winter
POR QUE' NO? (Why Not?)Len Cannell Alternate Duple2016 Summer
PROPER NELLADottie WelchProper Duple2018 Fall
PROPER OR NOTPat KelmProper Duple2016 Summer
PROPER STARTDottie WelchProper Duple2018 Summer
QUIET CONTRAEd GilmoreAlternate Duple2014 Winter
QUEBEC MESCOLANZADottie WelchMescolanza2015 Spring
RAINY DAY TRIPLETPat KelmTriplet2017 Winter
REEL DU CASTOR (BEAVER REAL)Traditional Quťbecois danceProper Lines2016 Spring
RICOCHET HEYLisa GreenleafAlternate Duple2018 Spring
RIGHT AND LEFT THRU TEACHDottie WelchSicilian2013 Fall
RIGHT HAND HIGH, LEFT HAND LOWTraditionalSquare2018 Summer
RIO GRANDE GORGE #1 (Gents Ricochet)Dottie WelchAlternate Duple2018 Spring
RIO GRANDE GORGE #2 (Ladies Ricochet)Dottie WelchAlternate Duple2018 Spring
ROARING GOOD TIMEPat KelmProper Duple2018 Spring
ROARING MIXERHeiner FischleMixer2013 Spring
ROLL IN THE HEYRoger DiggleAlternate Duple2016 Fall
ROLL IN THE HEYRoger DiggleAlternate Duple2017 Fall
ROUND ABOUTCis HinkleMixer2017 Spring
RUN LEFT SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
RUN RIGHT SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
SACKETTíS HARBORTraditionalTriple Proper2018 Winter
SALMONELLA EVENINGLouie Cromartie & Steve Zakon-AndersonAlternate Duple2018 Fall
SCOUT HOUSE REELTed Sannella Alternate Duple2018 Spring
SCOUT HOUSE SQUAREDDottie WelchAlternate Duple2019 Winter
S.D.A.W. CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2014 Winter
SHADRACKíS DELIGHTTony ParkesAlternate Duple2014 Winter
SHARONíS WEDDING CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2018 Spring
SHEEHAN'S REELRoger WhynotSquare2017 Winter
SHEPHERD'S CROSSING(Unknown)5 Couples2017 Winter
SHERBROOKE HEYPat KelmAlternate Duple2016 Winter
SICILIAN CIRCLES Ė 8 dancesDottie WelchSicilian2013 Fall
SICILIAN CIRCLES Ė BASIC CALLSDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
SIEGE OF CARRICKTraditional Irish DanceAlt Dup or Sicilian2016 Fall
SIEGE OF CARRICK FOR SQUARE DANCERSDancing for Busy PeopleSicilian2016 Fall
SLAUNCH TO DONEGALEde ButlinBecket2014 Winter
SLAUNCH TO DONEGALEde ButlinBecket2015 Winter
SLIDE RIGHT WITH CLAPSDottie WelchBecket2013 Spring
SOONER SLICEContralab WorkshopBecket2013 Summer
SPLIT THAT COUPLEPat KelmSicilian2015 Spring
SPRING IN DUNCANMarian RoseProper Lines2016 Spring
SPRING RINGSDottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
SQUEAKING WHEELCary RavitzAlternate Duple2019 Summer
STAR ISLAND STARPhoebe and Emily TrollAlternate Duple2015 Spring
STARS AND STRIPES QUADRILLEJerry HeltQuadrille2015 Spring
ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN THE MORNING(Unknown)Triple Improper2015 Winter
ST. PATRICK'S DAY SIMPLIFIEDDottie WelchTriple Proper2015 Winter
SUMMER SUNSHINEPaul BallietAlternate Duple2016 Summer
SUSITNA HEADWATERS VIEWDottie WelchAlternate Duple2017 Fall
SWING 'N HEYAl BrozekAlternate Duple2017 Fall
TAG AND TURNDottie WelchAlternate Duple2014 Winter
TAGGERS DELIGHTBetsy GottaAlternate Duple2017 Spring
TAKE A PEEK, DUCK FOR THE OYSTERTraditionalSquare2018 Summer
TAKE THAT GIRL BY THE WRISTEthel BowersSquare or Circle2013 Spring
TALKING WITH BOBBetsy GottaAlternate Duple2017 Fall
TEDíS THREE-QUARTER CHAINTed SannellaSquare2014 Fall
TEDíS TRIPLET #3Ted SannellaTriplet2013 Fall
TEDíS TRIPLET #3Ted SannellaTriplet2015 Spring
TEN O'CLOCK MIXERAl BrozekMixer2014 Fall
TEXAS STAR CONTRAPat KelmAlternate Duple2018 Spring
THADY YOU GANDEREnglish Folk DanceProper Lines2016 Spring
THE BIG EASYBecky HillAlternate Duple2019 Summer
THE CALLERíS WIFETed SannellaAlternate Duple Dbl2018 Spring
THE WANDERERCal Campbell & the Metro State ClassProper Lines of 42018 Summer
THRU WHITE AND DRIFTED SNOWBob HowellAlternate Duple2014 Fall
TOM'S CIRCLETom SellnerSicilian2017 Summer
TONTO NATURAL BRIDGEDottie WelchAlternate Duple2019 Winter
TRIBUTE TO BOB CHAPMANSteve HollandAlternate Duple2017 Fall
TUNNEL CONTRAHerbie GaudreauProper Lines2016 Spring
TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHTDottie WelchProper Duple2013 Fall
UMBRELLAS FOR APRILPat KelmAlternate Duple2016 Summer
UNITED WE DANCEBob IsaacAlternate Duple2019 Summer
UNRULY REUNIONRobert CromartieAlternate Duple2019 Winter
UNRULY REUNIONRobert CromartieAlternate Duple2019 Spring
VINTON'S HORNPIPEUnknownProper Duple2013 Spring
VIRGINIA NO REELCalvin CampbellProper Lines2016 Spring
VIRGINIA REELTraditionalProper Lines2016 Spring
VIRGINIA REEL SQUARETed SannellaSquare2014 Fall
WALTZ QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrille2014 Spring
WASHINGTON HEYRalph SweetAlternate Duple2017 Fall
WASHINGTON QUICKSTEPTraditionalAlternate Duple2016 Summer
WASKESIU RIVER WALLEYEDottie WelchAlternate Duple2014 Spring
WEAVERS CIRCLE(Unknown)Proper Lines2016 Spring
WEAVE THE LINEKathy AndersonAlternate Duple2019 Winter
WEDDING RINGSDottie WelchAlternate Duple2014 Spring
WESER FUN CONTRAHeiner FischleAlternate Duple2019 Winter
WHEEL AND DEAL SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian2017 Summer
WHIRLING MAPLE LEAVESDottie WelchAlternate Duple2013 Fall
WHIRLING MARCH WINDPat KelmAlternate Duple2017 Spring
WHIRLPOOLChris PageTriad2018 Fall
WINDY CORNERSDottie WelchProper Duple2018 Winter
WINTER WALKDottie WelchAlternate Duple2014 Winter
YUCCA JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple2014 Winter
Updated Summer 2019