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Bob Osgood CONTRALAB Scholarship

Scholarship Intention

CONTRALAB is pleased to offer a scholarship which is to be awarded to one of its members. The funds are to be used to offset the cost of travel, housing, registration, etc. of attending the CONTRALAB sessions prior to and during one of the National Square Dance Conventions.


The recipient is expected to attend the CONTRALAB Trail-In Energizer Dance, the CONTRALAB meeting on Wednesday, and some of the CONTRALAB seminars which are presented over the course of the National Convention. Also, the recipient is expected to write a report on how the experience at the National Convention influenced his/her calling during the year following the Convention.

It is hoped that the presenting of a scholarship will encourage members of CONTRALAB to attend the National to meet with other callers to improve their calling skills. New or less experienced callers are especially encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

The scholarship amount is $200.00. The funds will be advanced to the recipient. If the recipient does not meet the requirements as outlined above, then the money is to be paid back. The decision as to who receive the scholarship will be made by the CONTRALAB Scholarship Committee, headed by Duane Olson.

Scholarship Application:

Please submit the following information by mail or email:

Name: ________________________________________________


City & State: __________________________________________

Zip Code or Postal Code:________________________________

Country: _____________________________________________



Dance leader experience in number of years:
Contras _____, Squares _____, Rounds _____, Folk _____

Write a brief essay in which you describe yourself as a caller/leader, and explain how attending the CONTRALAB sessions at the National Square Dance Convention will help you become a more effective contra dance caller.

Submission Information

Please mail your application by May 1 of the convention year to the Current ContraLab Chairman

Duane Olson, Contralab Chairman
Address: 14521 Klondike Road, Lake Park, MN 56554
Phone: 218-532-7891, cell: 218-849-9317