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Index to Dance Choreography


Most of these dances were created by ContraLab members
or our Contra and Square Dance calling friends.
Some are traditional dances or old favorites.
Many thanks to all contra chorographers!


Consider the following list of calls as a possible teaching order.
The Difficulty column lists the most advanced call used in each contra.

Forward and Back, Circle, Arm Turn, Dosado, Star,
Pass Thru, Pull By, Veer, Turn Alone, Sashay, Balance, Swing,
Split Two, Separate, Four Down, Promenade Up and Down,
California Twirl, Wheel Around,
Arch Over, Dive Thru, Cast Down, Cast Off,
Ladies Chain, Right and Left Thru,
Weathervane, Heel and Toe, Dixie Twirl, Rory O'More Balance
Grand Square, Square Thru, Star Thru, Box Circulate,
Swing Thru, Wheel and Deal, Flutterwheel, Figure Eight, Petronella Turn, Hey, Contra Corners,

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Dance Choreography Index
Dance Name Choreographer Formation Difficulty
330 BLUESPaul MooreAlternate DupleCast Off
A NICE COMBINATIONGene HubertAlternate DupleLadies Chain
A PENNY SAVEDStew ShackletteAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
AFTERNOON GYPSY EYESPat KelmAlternate Duple (Dbl)Right and Left Thru
ALL AMERICAN PROMENADEJim ArknessMixerBalance and Roll Across
ALL AMERICAN PROMENADERoger WhynotAlternate DupleHey for 3
ALLYNN'S MOUNTAIN REELAllynn RiggsBecketRight and Left Thru
ANNE'S ADVICEHeiner FischleAlternate DupleLadies Chain
ANNIVERSARY REELTed SannellaAlternate DupleSwing
APRIL FOOLStew ShackletteTriplet ProperContra Corners
ARDOISE SWINGSDottie WelchAlternate DupleSwing
ASPEN AND SPRUCEDottie WelchAlternate DupleCast Off
ASTON POLKA CONTRAJohn FindlayAlternate Duple (Dbl)Ladies Chain
BACKTRACK MIXERDottie WelchMixerPromenade
BAKER'S WIFEStew ShackletteProper DupleHalf Poussette
BALANCING BILLYDon ArmstrongAlternate DupleStar Thru and Figure Eight
BALSAM REELRoger WhynotAlternate DupleHeel and Toe
BALTIMORE WEATHERVANEGrant LoganAlternate DupleWeathervane
BANJO CONTRAJerry HeltAlternate DupleHeel and Toe
BANJO PICKER'S CONTRAPaul MooreAlternate DupleFlutterwheel
BARLEY AND OATSKen KernenProper LinesPromenade Single File
BARN MIXERRick MohrMixerRight and Left Thru
BARRED OWL HOOTDottie WelchAlternate DupleStar
BATTLE OF THE BANDSBetsy GottaAlternate DupleBox Circulate
BEAUTIFUL LADYPaul MooreAlternate DupleSquare Thru
BECKY'S IRISH LACEPaul MooreProper Duple for 4Hey for Four
BIG SOMBRERO CONTRABob RuffAlternate DupleLadies Chain
BILLINGSDALE PATTERNChip HendricksonOther - 4 DancersHey for Four
BLIZZARDS OF 2013Dottie WelchConcentricAlamo Swing Thru
BOLD HIGHLANDER SIMPLE HYBRIDDottie WelchAlternate DupleCast Off
BOX CIRCULATE SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianBox Circulate
BRAVEHEART MARCH EIGHTDottie WelchConcentricStars
BROKEN SIXPENCEDon ArmstrongAlternate DupleDown in Four
BUFFALO GALS TRIODon ArmstrongTrioRight Hand High
BUFFALO GALS FOR THREEDon ArmstrongTrioRight Hand High
BUFFALO RIVERDottie WelchAlternate DupleWheel Around
BUTTERGene HubertBecketHey for Four
CALIFORNIA QUADRILLEPat KelmQuadrilleGrand Square
CALLISON HALL JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate Duple DblHeel and Toe
CALLISON HALL FOR BEGINNERSFrom Lloyd ShawProper LineHeel and Toe
CALLISON HALL FOR SWINGERSDottie WelchProper LineHeel and Toe
CALLISON HALL SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian or Alt DupHeel and Toe
CANYON CONTRADon ArmstrongAlternate DupleDown in Four
CARRIE UNDER THE ARBOR(Unknown)Proper DupleFigure Eight
CASTING IN LAKE ARROWHEADPaul MooreAlternate DuplePartner Trade and Roll
CASTING SIXPENCEDon ArmstrongAlternate DupleCast Off
CAYMAN ISLANDDon ArmstrongTriple ProperContra Corners
CB CONTRAWalt ColeAlternate DupleSpin the Top
CENTRAL TRUSTPaul Moore & Yona ChockAlternate DupleHey for Four
CENTRIFUGAL HEYGene HubertAlternate DupleHey for Four
CHARLOTTE'S DREAMBob HowellTriple ProperMirror Hey for Three
CHETICAMP LONG POTATODottie WelchProper LinesArm Turn
CHICO, CHICOPaul MooreAlternate DupleLadies Chain
CHORUS JIGTraditionalProper DupleContra Corners
CHRISTMAS HORNPIPETraditionalEnglish CountryCast Off
CHRISTMAS STARDottie WelchProper DupleDown in Four
CIRCLE AROUND CHRISTMASPat KelmSicilianFlutterwheel
CLASSIC COMMUNITY WALTZTraditionalMixerStep, Swing
CLASSIC OLD JOEPat KelmAlternate DupleSquare Thru
COLORADO BOUNDGordon SmithAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
COMMITTEE CONTRAPaul MooreProper DupleRight and Left Thru
CONTRA CORNERS TRIODottie WelchTrioContra Corners
CONTRA CORNERS TRIPLET #2Dottie WelchTripletContraCorners
COUPLE ARCH OVERDottie WelchProper LinesArch Over
COVE LAKE OUTLETDottie WelchAlternate DupleHey for Four (Gents left)
CROSS RUN SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianCross Run
CROSSBEDDED SANDSTONEDottie WelchProper DupleFigure Eight
CUMBERLAND REELTraditionalProper LinesDive Thru
DAVID’S MANDOLINPaul MooreAlternate DupleFlutterwheel
DEEP WATERPaul MooreAlternate Duple DblLadies Chain
DEER PARK LANCERSTraditionalSquareGrand Square
DEVIN’S BATPaul MooreBecketHey for Four
DIAGONAL DILLYDottie WelchProper DupleCast Off
DIXIE REELPaul MooreAlternate DupleDixie Twirl and Hey
DOMINO FIVE4th Carnforth Book5 DancersHey for Three
DON BOSCO HORNPIPEHeiner FischleAlternate DupleHey for Four
DON’T FORGET US CONTRAWalt ColeBecketDixieStyle
DOSADO TRIPLETDottie WelchTripletDosado
DOUBLE DOTStew ShackletteFive DancersHey for Three
DOUBLE DOT SIMPLIFIEDStew ShackletteFive DancersStar
DOUBLE STAR TRIPLETDottie WelchTripletStar
DOUBTFUL SHEPHERDcirca 1808Triple ProperCast Off
DRYAS FLATS OF SUNWAPTA RIVERDottie WelchAlternateDupleDown in Four
DUMBARTON DRUMSTradtionalMescolanzaDive Thru
DUNLIN AT MARTINIQUEDottie WelchAlternateDupleSwing
EASY EIGHTDottie WelchProper DupleFigure Eight Half
EASYNELLAHeiner FischleAlternate DuplePetronella Turn
EASY PETRONELLA(Unknown)Alternate DuplePetronella Turn
ELM RIVER SICILIANDottie, Palma, AlanSicilianWheel Around
ESSEX REELTony ParkesAlternate DupleCalifornia Twirl
FALL COLORSPat KelmAlternate DupleSwing Thru
FAREWELL WALTZ CONTRAPat KelmAlternate DuplePetronella Turn
FARMER'S JIGTraditional WelshProper Line 4 couplesCast Down and Arch
FEBRUARY ROBINSDottie WelchAlternate DupleLadies Chain
FERRY CROSSINGPat KelmTriplet ProperMirror Hey
FICKLE SPRINGPaul MooreAlternate Duple DblHey and Square Thru
FIGURE SKATING CONTRAPat KelmAlternate DupleFigure Eight
FIRST NIGHT QUADRILLEBob DalsemerQuadrilleGrand Right and Left
FISHING LINEPat KelmAlternate DupleDixie Style to a Wave
FLASH FREEZE MESCOLANZADottie WelchMescolanzaRight and Left Thru
FLIRT AND FOLLOWPat KelmTriplet ProperSwing
FLUTTERWHEEL SICILIANSDottie WelchSicilianFlutterwheel
FOGGY ROADDottie WelchAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
FOLD AND FOLLOWDottie WelchAlternate DupleFold
FOLLOW THE LEADERDottie WelchProper LinesDive Thru
FOR BOBPaul MooreAlternate DupleDixie Twirl
FORT McHENRYChuck QuigleyBecketRight and Left Thru
FOUR AROUND FOURVar Kingston FlyerProper Lines 4Cast Down
FRACTION CONTRADottie WelchBecketEight Chain Two
FRENCH QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrilleRight and Left Thru
FROGGY GOES COURTINGPat KelmSicilianDip and Dive
GATE MIXER(Unknown)MixerPromenade
GAY GORDONSTraditional Scottish DanceMixer or NotTwo-Step
GENDERLESS AND TOUCHLESSDottie WelchSicilian or Alt DupStar
GEORGE AND AMBER’S WEDDINGDottie WelchSicilian or Alt DupHeel and Toe
GEUD MAN OF BALLANGIGHTraditionalEnglish CountryRelay
GOOD MAN RELAYDottie Welch Proper DupleRelay
GOTHIC DANCETraditionalProper LinesDive Thru
GRAND COLONEL MIXERDottie WelchMixerClap and Stamp
GRAND SASHAY MIXERDottie WelchMixerSwing
GRAPEVINE CONTRA(Unknown)BecketLadies Chain
HALF HEY SLIDEDottie WelchBecketHey Half
HANNOVER TRIPLET #1Heiner FischleTripletRight and Left Thru
HANNOVER TRIPLET #3Heiner FischleTripletHey for Three
HANNOVER TRIPLET #6Heiner FischleTriplet CrossedRight and Left Thru
HANNOVER TRIPLET #9Heiner FischleTripletSwing Thru
HANNOVER TRIPLET #12Heiner FischleTripletSpin The Top
HANNOVER TRIPLET #14Heiner FischleTripletCast Down, Cast Up
HARTLAND HEYPat KelmAlternate DupleHey for Four
HAWKEYE SICILIANDottie WelchSicilian or Alt DupStar
HEART OF GLASSCary RavitzBecketHey and Butterfly Whirl
HEEL AND TOE(Unknown)BecketHeel and Toe and Clap
HEMLOCK GROVE AT LITTLE BAY DE NOCDottie WelchAlternate DupleBalance and Swing
HEY FLUTTER CONTRADottie WelchAlternate DupleHey and Flutterwheel
HEY FOR THREE COUPLESDottie WelchTriplet CrossedHey for 3 Couples
HEY HEY CONTRAFrom Jerry HeltAlternate DupleHey for Four
HEY SLIDEDottie WelchBecketHey for Four
HORNPIPE HEYDottie WelchAlternate DupleHey for Four
ICY ROADDottie WelchSicilian or Alt DupVeer
IDAHO CAMAS PRAIRIEDottie WelchAlternate DupleHey for Four
INDIANA SPECIALPat KelmAlternate DupleFlutterwheel
INDICATOR TRIPLETCarol David-BlackmanTripletContra Corners
INSOMNIA REELPaul MooreAlternate DupleHey for Four
IRISH HOLIDAY CONTRAPat KelmSicilianSwing Thru, Boys Run
IRISH POLKA CONTRAPaul MooreConcentricFlutterwheel
IRISH WASHERWOMANTraditionalAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
JANUARY 7TH JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate DupleHey for Four
JEAN'S FLINGStew ShackletteMixerSide Close Side Touch
JEFFERSON'S REELTraditionalProper DupleDive Thru
JENNY REEL(Unknown)MixerSwing
JEREMY’S JIGPat KelmBecketStar
JLM CONTRAMona CannellAlternate DupleWheel and Deal
JSK WEDDING CONTRAPat KelmSicilian or Alt DupVeer
JUDY'S CONTRALeif HetlandAlternate Duple DblLadies Chain
JUNE BUG REELDottie WelchProper LinesCircle
KATHIE'S DELIGHTStew ShackletteMixerStar of 2
KEEP THE DEVIL OFF BALANCEPat KelmAlternate DupleFlutterwheel
KEEP IN TIME MESCOLANZADottie WelchMescolanzaStar
KINFOLKSTraditional, revised by Pat KelmSquarePromenade
KINGSTON FLYER(Unknown)Proper Lines 4Cast Down
KIWI RINGScottish CountryMixerFigure Eight
KNOWLE PARKTraditionalEnglish CountryPoussette
LA BASTRINGUETraditionalMixerPromenade
LADIES LONG CHAIN TRIPLETDottie WelchTripletLadies Chain
LADY GO ROUND THE LADYTraditionalSquareDive Thru
LANCASH BARN DANCETraditionalMixerDosado
LANCERS QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrilleRight and Left Thru
LASSO MIXERDottie WelchMixerLasso
LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL (THE)English CountryTripletGatepost
LEFT SWING THRU SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianLeft Swing Thru
LE MARCHANT HEEL AND TOEDottie WelchSicilian or Alt DupHeel and Toe
LEVI JACKSON RAGPat ShawOther - 5 CouplesFive Ladies Chain
LIARD HOT SPRINGSDottie WelchProper DupleCast Off
LIARD WHIRLPOOL MIXERDottie WelchMixerRory O'More Balance
LOCKEPORT STRUTDottie WelchProper LinesTurn Alone
LONESOME SHEPHERDStew ShackletteTriple ProperRight and Left Thru
MAKE AN ARCHTraditionalSquareSwing
MANDOLIN CONTRAGlen NickersonAlternate DupleHeel and Toe
MARCHING TO PRETORIABob Brundage, var Bob HowellConcentricRight and Left Thru
MARJORIE DAWPat KelmAlternate DupleCast Down
MARKET LASSTraditionalTriple ProperRight and Left Thru
MARMADUKE MIXERAl BrozekMixerSingle File Promenade
MAY DAY CONTRAPat KelmAlternate DupleSquare Thru
MAY MADNESSDottie WelchAlternate DupleHey (Half)
McNABB'S HORNPIPE CONTRADottie WelchAlternate DupleDown in Four
MICHAEL'S CONFUSIONStew ShackletteMixerLasso
MICROCHASMIC REELAnn FallonTripletContra Corners
MIDWEST FOLKLOREOrace JohnsonBecketSwing
MIDWEST MILDDottie WelchBecketSwing
MIDWEST HEYDottie WelchBecketHey Half
MINI VIRGINNYDottie WelchTripletReel the Set
MONA'S TRIPStew ShackletteQuadrilleGrand Square
MONEY MUSK TRIPLETTraditionalTripletArm Turn
MOSTLY HEYGlen Morningstar Jr.Alternate DupleHey for Four
NEW ENGLAND MARCHTony McUmberAlternate DupleHey, Dixie Twirl
NEW FRIENDS MESCOLANZADottie WelchMescolanzaSashay
NEWLYWED'S REELTed and Jean SannellaProper DupleFigure Eight Half
NINEPIN QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrilleGrand Right and Left
NO NAME CONTRAJerry HeltProper LinesArch Over
NORTHERN LIGHTSTraditionalSquareClap Sequence
OKLAHOMA MEMORYDottie WelchAlternate DupleDown in Four
OKLAHOMA, OKDottie WelchBecketDive Thru
OLD CENTURY REELDon ArmstrongProper DupleFigure Eight Half
ON THE SPOTGordon SmithAlternate DupleContra Corners
ONLY THREE-QUARTERSDottie WelchProper DupleCast Off
OXO Reel - 1975Jack Hamilton6 couple DupleDiveThru
OXO ReelJohn Tether6 couple DupleSwing
OXO Reel(Unknown)6 couple DupleSwing
OXO Reel(Unknown)6 couple DupleDive Thru
OUTBOUND PLANEGordon SmithAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
PADDY ON THE TURNPIKETraditionalAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
PARKLAND STROLLDottie WelchProper LinesArm Turn
PARTNER'S DELIGHTBetsy GottaProper DupleFigure Eight Half
PASS THE OCEAN SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianPass the Ocean
PAT’S CIRCLE CONTRAPat KelmSicilianLadies Chain
PELICANS ON THE ASSINIBOINE RIVERDottie WelchAlternate DupleWeathervane
PETRONELLATraditionalProper DuplePetronella Turn
PETRONELLA ALTEREDPat KelmAlternate DuplePetronella Turn
PETRONELLA SPELLADottie WelchAlternate DuplePetronella Turn
PETRONELLA TRIPLETDottie WelchTriplet CrossedPetronella Turn
POLKA DOT(Unknown)5 DancersHey for Three
POLKA MIXERFive DancersProper Duple 5 or 7Dosado
POR QUE' NO? (Why Not?)Len Cannell Alternate DupleTurn Alone
PRAIRIE DOG SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianStar
PROPER NELLADottie WelchProper DuplePetronella Turn
PROPER OR NOTPat KelmProper DupleCast Off
PROPER STARTDottie WelchProper DupleCast Off
PROPER TURNSDottie WelchProper DupleCast Off
QUEBEC MESCOLANZADottie WelchMescolanzaStar
RAINY DAY TRIPLETPat KelmTripletSeparate
REDPOLL RAMBLEDottie WelchAlternate DupleBox Circulate
REEL DU CASTOR (BEAVER REAL)Traditional QuébecoisProper LinesPromenade
RIGHT AND LEFT THRU SICILIANSDottie WelchSicilianRight and Left Thru
RIGHT AND LEFT THRU TRIPLETDottie WelchTripletRight and Left Thru
RIGHT HAND HIGH TRIPLETDottie WelchTripletRight Hand High
RIGHT HAND HIGH, LEFT HAND LOWTraditionalSquareRight Hand High
RIO GRANDE GORGE #1 (Gents Ricochet)Dottie WelchAlternate DupleRicochet Hey
RIO GRANDE GORGE #2 (Ladies Ricochet)Dottie WelchAlternate DupleRicochet Hey
ROARING GOOD TIMEPat KelmProper DupleRory O'More Balance
ROARING MIXERHeiner FischleMixerRory O'More Balance
RORY O'MORE TRIPLETDottie WelchTripletContra Corners
RICOCHET HEYLisa GreenleafAlternate DupleRicochet Hey
RUN LEFT SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianRun Left
RUN RIGHT SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianRun Right
SACKETT’S HARBORTraditionalTriple ProperContra Corners
SASKATCHEWAN GRASSLANDSDottie WelchBecketHey and Ricochet
SCOTTISH SPINOFFDottie WelchTripletDown in Three
SCOUT HOUSE REELTed Sannella Alternate DupleLadies Chain
SCOUT HOUSE FORGIVINGDottie WelchAlternate DupleDown in Four
SCOUT HOUSE SQUAREDDottie WelchAlternate DupleSquare Thru
S.D.A.W. CONTRAPat KelmAlternate DupleSquare Thru
SEPTEMBER CONTRA HEYHeiner FischleAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
SHARON'S WEDDING CONTRAPat KelmAlternate DupleDown in Four
SHATFORD PROMENADEDottie WelchProper LinesPromenade
SHEEHAN'S REELRoger WhynotSquareSwing and Promenade
SHEPHERD'S CROSSING(Unknown)5 CouplesHey for Three
SHERBROOKE HEYPat KelmAlternate DupleHey and Flutterwheel
SHINDIG IN THE BARNBob HowellProper LinesArch Over
SIEGE OF CARRICKTraditional Irish DanceSicilian or Alt DupStar
SIEGE OF CARRICK FOR SQUARE DANCERSDancing for Busy PeopleSicilianSplit Two
SLIDE RIGHT CONTRA #1Dottie WelchBecketStar
SLIDE RIGHT CONTRA #2Dottie WelchBecketArm Turn
SLIDE RIGHT CONTRA #3Dottie WelchBecketArm Turn
SLIDE RIGHT CONTRA #4Dottie WelchBecketSwing
SLIDE RIGHT CONTRA #5Dottie WelchBecketLadies Chain
SOONER SLICEContralab WorkshopBecketSlice and Ricochet
SPLIT THAT COUPLEPat KelmSicilianSplit Two
SLAUNCH TO DONEGALEde ButlinBecketRight and Left Thru
SPRINGFIELD BECKETDottie WelchBecketFlutterwheel
SPRING RINGSDottie WelchAlternate DupleHey for Four
STARS AND STRIPES QUADRILLEJerry HeltQuadrilleRight and Left Thru
ST. PATRICK'S DAY IN THE MORNING(Unknown)Triple ProperRight and Left Thru
ST. PATRICK'S DAY SIMPLIFIEDDottie WelchTriple ProperCast Off
SUSITNA HEADWATERS VIEWDottie WelchAlternate DupleHey and Petronella
TAG AND TURNDottie WelchAlternate DupleTag the Line
TAGGERS DELIGHTBetsy GottaAlternate DupleTag the Line
TALKING WITH BOBBetsy GottaAlternate DupleHey for Four, Flutterwheel
TED'S TRIPLET #3Ted SannellaTripletDip and Dive
TEN O'CLOCK MIXERAl BrozekMixerHeel and Toe
TEXAS STAR CONTRAPat KelmAlternate DupleStar
THE WANDERERCalvin CampbellProper Line 4 couplesWeave the Line
THADY YOU GANDEREnglish Folk DanceProper Line for 4Reel the Set
THRU WHITE AND DRIFTED SNOWBob HowellAlternate Duple DblHeel and Toe
TONTO NATURAL BRIDGEDottie WelchAlternate DupleDiveThru
TOP TO TAILDottie WelchProper LinesPromenade
TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHTDottie WelchProper DupleFigure Eight Half
UMBRELLAS FOR APRILPat KelmAlternate DupleLadies Chain
VALENTINE PROMENADEDottie WelchConcentricWeathervane
VINTON'S HORNPIPEUnknownProper DupleCast Off
VIRGINIA NO REELCalvin CampbellProper LinesCast Down
VIRGINIA REELTraditionalProper LinesReel the Set
VOWEL DANCE(Unknown)MixerGrand Right and Left
WALTZ QUADRILLETraditionalQuadrilleWaltz Turns
WALTZ QUADRILLE WITH PARTNERTraditionalQuadrilleWaltz Turns
WASHINGTON QUICKSTEPTraditionalAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
WASKESIU RIVER WALLEYEDottie WelchAlternate DupleDown in Four
WEAVERS CIRCLE(Unknown)Proper LinesSashay
WEDDING RINGSDottie WelchAlternate DupleDive Thru
WENTWORTH VALLEYDottie WelchProper DupleCast Off
WESER FUN CONTRAHeiner FischleAlternate DupleStar Thru
WHEEL AND DEAL SICILIANDottie WelchSicilianWheel and Deal
WINDY CORNERSDottie WelchProper DupleContra Corners
WINDMILL CONTRAGordon SmithAlternate DupleWeathervane
WHIRLING MAPLE LEAVESDottie WelchAlternate DupleFigure Eight
WHIRLING MARCH WINDPat KelmAlternate DuplePetronella Turn
WINTER WALKDottie WelchAlternate DupleWalk and Dodge
YELLOW JACKET REELBoyd RothenbergerAlternate DupleContra Corners
YUCAIPA WEATHERVANEArt SeeleAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru
YUCCA JIGDon ArmstrongAlternate DupleRight and Left Thru