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The original Constitution and By-Laws of CONTRALAB, International Association of Contra Callers was "Adopted and Attested to on June 27, 1987 by consent of the general membership and by unanimous affirmation of the members of the Board of Governors whose signatures appear below."

Walt Cole, Marilyn Jackson, Bill Johnston, Dick Meyers, Glen Nickerson, Tony Parkes, Boyd Rothenberger, Hal Rice, Roger Whynot.

The original Purpose was as follows: The purpose of the Association shall be to promote and perpetuate the dance form known as Contra-Dance. To achieve this purpose the Association shall:

1. provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, teaching methods, dance choreography and similar activities of interest to the membership.

2. conduct seminars, workshops or classes for the teaching of contra-dancing and the techniques of teaching dancing.

3. disseminate knowledge and information pertaining to contra-dancing. Collect and issue, or publish, pamphlets, books and other publications of interest.

4. publish, four times a year, a newsletter to all members. The newsletter may be published more frequently if desired or necessary.

5. establish a library for the preservation of publications of interest.

6. provide scholarships and grants to deserving contra-dance callers, leaders or dancers.
The association shall also do whatever else is considered appropriate to the continued professional development of CONTRALAB members, and to the encouragement of potential members.

National Square Dance Conventions

Since it was founded, CONTRALAB has participated in the planning and staffing of the Contra Hall at the NSDC.
It has usually organized an Energizer Dance held on the Tuesday or Wednesday preceding the Convention.
It has also regularly held a Wednesday Morning Workshop for Contra Callers.
Its Annual General Meeting is usually held on Wednesday Afternoon.

We have collected the following roster of participating contra callers.
If you know of additional names, please let us know.
(Searched Syllabi from 1990, 1994, 2002, 2004, 2008 - 2019)

Peter Baker, Lissa Bengtson, Adam Boyce, Stan and Cathie Burdick,
Calvin and Judy Campbell, Fred Camp, Jane Carlson, Gary Chamberlain, Yona and Al Chock,
Kenlyn Clark, Walt and Louise Cole, Shirley Cook, Chuck and Polly Crim, Tom Crisp, Ted and Mary Cromack,
Mike Dabling, Bill Donahue, Donald and Edith Donath,
Aillene Elliott, Bill Elliott, Clark Elliott,
Joseph Fabian, Heiner Fischle, David and Charlene Frankenfield, Dave and Ruth Fullaway,
Henry and Barbara Garfath, Jim Gibson, Howard and May Donna Gilmore, Betsy and Roy Gotta, Judy Greenhill,
Koji Harai, Art Harvey, Jerry and Kathy Helt, Palma Heming, Leif Hetland,
Chuck and Chris Hicks, Jerry Hickman, Mark Hillegonds, Norman Hilman, Bob and Phyllis Howell, Jim and Doris Howatt,
Marilyn Jackson, Chuck and Becky Jaworski, Bill Johnson, Ron Johnson,
Ray and Bobbie Kauffman, Pat and Bob Kelm, Bob Kemper, Grant and Ann Logan,
Fred and Minnie Martin, Jody Mattice, Peter Mazik, Larry McClain, Dick Meyers, Joe Michaels, David Millstone,
Paul and Mary Moore, Glen and Judy Morningstar Jr., Susan and Larry Morris, Eva and Tom Murray,
Glen Nickerson, Duane Olson, Tony and Beth Parkes, David and Donna Peterson, Chuck Quigley,
Eddie and Sally Ramsey, Hal Rice, Robert and Lisa Rollins, Boyd Rothenburger, Judy Robertson,
Bill Salley, Nora Scott, Mike Seastrom, Stew and Kathie Shacklette, Carolyn Shearman, Andy Shore,
Gordon and Joan Smith, Jeff and Cathy Smith, Neil Smith, Stan and Rosemarie Swanson,
Harold Tiller, Bob Walker, Lee Walker, Jim and Ann Wass, Don Ward, Harold Watson, Eda Weger, Judy Weger,
Dottie and Gary Welch, Wayne and Luzia Weston, Mike Woods, Roger Whynot

The Contralab Quarterly Editors

Jim and Doris Howatt
Paul and Mary Moore
Jeff and Cathy Smith
Pat and Bob Kelm
Lissa Bengtson, Duane Olson, Dottie Welch, Mo Wilkins

2013 Vision

Here is a summary of the ideas discussed during our “vision” session held during the Oklahoma City Contralab workshop on June 26, 2013.

It was generally agreed that CONTRALAB was formed to promote contra dancing for square dancers.
The target membership has been contra leaders who square dance.

Modern Square Dancing is struggling with declining membership. Many believe that one of the problems is the class time required before a dancer can fully participate in the square dance world.

Contra dancing, on the other hand, generally welcomes new dancers at every event and has a relatively small vocabulary of calls. Contra dancing can be an entry level dance provider and we should be encouraging the square dance world to make more use of this.

At this time, several of our active members call contras for dancers who do not square dance. Seeing the benefits of both worlds, we all expressed the desire to strengthen the links between the square dance and the contra dance world.