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Definitions and Related Documents

Contra Definitions

Diagrams of Contra Formations
Contra Formations

Timing of Contra Calls
Contra Timing Chart

Contra Etiquette

Introductory Articles and Presentations

Including Contras with Squares
Contras With Squares

Introduction to Contra Prompting
Contra Music and Choreo

Learning to Read and Write Contras
Reading and Writing Contras

Calling to Live Music and Matching the Music with the Dance
Calling To Live Music

Delving into the Details

Contra 101 Book available through Contralab
Contras 101 Book

Factors Affecting the Difficulty of Contras
Degree of Difficulty

Excerpts from Contra Dance Choreography -- A Reflection of Social Change by Mary McNab Dart
Excerpts from Mary McNab Dart

Humerous Look at the Perfect Caller
Perfect Caller

Contra and Square Dance History

Contra, Square, and Round Dance History
Contra History

Book Review of "As I Saw It" by Bob Osgood
As I Saw It