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By Pat Shaw
Formation: Five couples in a U shape. One head couple stands with their back to the caller.
   The other four couples form facing lines of four on the sides like a Becket.
Music:  "Levi Jackson Rag" on Lloyd Shaw E-28

A1  (8) Lines Right and Left Thru and when space Ones down halfway;
      (8) Lines Right and Left back and when space Ones down to foot;
A2  (8) Ones Separate and go home alone while lines Circle Four across;
      (8) All Partners Dosado;

B1  (8) Five Ladies Chain two places (leave partner, pass one, Courtesy Turn with next);
      (8) Five Ladies Chain two places;
B2  (8) Keep her and Promenade one place to right to a new position;
      (8) New partners Swing;

Author: Chip Hendrickson, New York
Source:  American Square Dance Magazine, Moore on Contra, May 2012
Formation:  Two Couples starting with men on the outside facing in and the 
ladies on the inside, back to back, facing their partners. 
Music:  Any well-phrased reel

A1 (16) Pass partner right, Hey for Four;
A2  (8) Partner Dosado;
     (8) Same dancers Swing ending facing the other couple with the lady on gentís right;

B1  (8) Circle Left;
     (8) Circle Right 
B2  (8) Ladies right turn (pigeon wing) once and a half to face the opposite gent;
     (8) Those facing turn left full around and end facing each other. (See repeats) 

Repeat a total of four times with different starts each time:

   The second time through the dance starts with the ladies in the center again
   but facing the other man.

   At the end of the second time through change the action for the final eight beats.  
   Dancers should have their original partner. The partners turn each other 
   once and a half and then face each other placing the gents in the middle. 

   At the end of the third time again turn once and a half and end facing each other
   to begin with the gents in the middle facing the other lady.

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