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Traditional Square

Author: Bob Dalsemer
Formation: Square

A1  (8) Head couples Forward and Back;
      (8) Same four Circle Left;
A2  (8) Same four Circle Right;
      (8) Same four Right-hand Star;

B1  (8) All Allemande Left corners;
      (8) Grand Right and Left;
B2  (8) Dosado partners; 
      (8) Promenade partners home;

Author: Pat Kelm (A Solomon Levi figure adapted for a regular singing call)
Formation: Square
Music: "Kinfolks" ON Lucky Records LR-006

A1  (8) First couple Separate go 'round the outside track
      (8) Pass right shoulders half-way round, and keep on coming back;
A2  (8) Pass right by your partner, Left Allemande your corner;
      (8) Come back home and Dosado one time around;

B1  (8) Now the men Star Left, it's once inside the set;
      (8) Swing your own;
B2 (16) Promenade;

Repeat for Second, Third, Fourth, 1 & 3, 2 & 4, All 4) couples Separate. 

Visiting Couple Figures

Author: Traditional Formation: Square Couple one lead to the right; Lady go 'round the Lady, Gent go 'round the Gent; Gent go 'round the Lady, Lady go 'roung the Gent; Join your hands and Circle halfway; Duck right on thru; Swing your lady in the middle and take her on with you. Description: Couple #1 Leads right towards Couple #2. The lady leads between Couple 2 and she goes around behind the lady while the gent goes around behind the gent. Then the lady leads between Couple #2 again but this time she goes around the gent while the gent goes around the lady. They come around to face Couple #2 and Circle Left halfway. Couple #2 makes and arch for Couple #1 to Dive Thru. This is repeated for Couple #1 with Couple #3 and then with Couple #4. Then each of the other three couples has their chance to be active. MAKE AN ARCH Author: Traditional Formation: Square Couple one down the center and split the ring, Separate 'round the outside track, Get back home with a Dosado, back away, join hands at sides, Forward six and back you march, forward again and make an arch; Couple three tunnel through, and swing at the end now just you two; Couple three tunnel home, and everybody swing your own. Everybody promenade once around until back home. Repeat for couple two, three and four adjusting the location of the lines of three and the number of the couple tunneling through. NORTHERN LIGHTS Author: Traditional Formation: Square Music: "Blackberry Quadrille" on RCA 41-6184 or Folkraft 1285 Look at the northern lights: Point up and shout "hey!" Clap all 4 in time to the music = own hands, partner's hands, own hands, opposite's hands, own hands, partner's hands, own hands 3 times. First couple you swing and whirl, swing and swing with a boy and girl, Lead right out to the right of the world and look at the northern lights--hey! Go into the igloo by the door, clap your hands and clap all 4, Go out of the igloo into the ring, give that eskimo gal a swing. Now lead right out with the same old thing, and look at the northern lights--hey! Go into the igloo by the door, clap your hands and clap all 4, Go out of the igloo into the sleet, swing your honey to generate heat Then mush your huskies down the street and look at the northern lights--hey! Go into the igloo by the door, clap your hands and clap all 4, Go out of the igloo, don't you fall, but do-sa-do your partners all. Grand Right and Left go round the hall under the northern lights. Repeat with various rhymes for couple 1 to visit couple 3 and 4 and then for couple 2, 3 and 4 to have their turn. Out of the igloo into the snow, swing your honey it's 40 below. Just one more swing and on you go. Out of the igloo into the storm, swing your honey to keep her warm. Then mush your huskies, show your form. Out of the igloo into the ice, swing your honey and swing her twice. Then take her along and be real nice. Out of the igloo into the cold, swing her hard if you're not too old. Then mush your huskies brave and bold. End with: Now fix your goggles and buckle your suit, you circle left go lickety scoot. Now into the middle you holler and hoot. Let's look at those northern lights--hey! RIGHT HAND HIGH, LEFT HAND LOW Author: Traditional Formation: Square Music: Sets in Order HD-75 "Old Joe Clark", or "When the Works All Done This Fall" First couple go out to your right, and circle four with all your might; Leave your lady and the gent goes on, join your hands and circle three; Take this lady with your right hand, on to the next and circle four; Leave this lady where she be, and gent goes home alone. Forward Six and Back you go; Two Lone Gents do a Dosado; Now Right Hand High and Left Hand Low, Twirl those girls and let them go; Repeat the last two lines three more times. All join hands and Circle Left; (Depending on the skill of the group you could add Allemande Left, Grand Right and Left, Swing and Promenade, or just Circle Left to home.) Explanation: The first part sets up the formation with gent 1 and gent 3 at the head positions and lines of three on each side. Gent 2 has lady 2 on his right and lady 1 on his left. Gent 4 has lady 4 on this right and ledy 3 on his left. Right Hand High, Left Hand Low: The lines of three are holding hands. The side gent raises his right hand high and makes an arch as he guides his right-hand lady forward in an arc. Meanwhile he keeps his left hand low and guides his left-hand lady under the arch. Both ladies move forward and complete a three-quarter turn in their direction of motion. As they turn, they move back to stand on the near side of the head gent. This is repeated a total of four times. (If you loose track, look for each gent having his partner on his right.) TAKE A PEEK, DUCK FOR THE OYSTER Two traditional squares blended together by the caller who taught us to dance - from Pat Kelm Formation: Square Music: Folkraft 1261B "Miller's Reel" of Sets In Order HD-76 "Blue Mountain Rag" Couple 1 (2, 3, 4) Bow and Swing; Couple one lead right out to the right of the ring; Around that couple you take a little peek; (Couple 1 separate to look behind couple 2's back) Back to the center and Swing your sweet; Around that couple you peek once more; Back to the center and Swing all four. (Both couples Swing their partner.) Now Circle four half-way round; (Insides arch) Duck for the Oyster; (Couple 1 duck under arch then back out) (Outsides arch) Dig for the Clam; (Couple 2 duck under arch then back out) (Insides arch) Duck for the hole in the old tin can; (Couple 1 goes all the way under to face the next couple.) (The couple making the arch does a California Twirl or Wheels Around to home.) This repeats two more times until couple one is back home. Then couple two, three, and four each have their turn. Other lyrics: 1. Around that couple you steal a little kiss, Back to the center and Swing your miss. 2. Dive for the oyster, dive for the pearl, Dive right along with the pretty little girl, 3. Dive for the lobster, dive for the clam, Dive for the sardines, take a full can. VIRGINIA REEL SQUARE Author: Ted Sannella Formation: Square A1 (16) First couple go to the threes and Swing the opposite, end the swing by backing into side lines. A2 (8) Lines go Forward and Back; (8) Ones turn partner right, turn next on side left; B1 (8) Ones turn partner right one and a half, turn next left (8) Turn partner right one and a half B2 (8) Allemande Left with corner (8) Swing Partner at home place.

Partner Changes

Author: Traditional Formation: Square with additional gent or lady in the center The success of this figure depends on the prompter to make it as lively as possible. Use any of the changes which give the "ninepin" a chance to "catch on". Below are a few specimens. (8) Eight hands round the ninepin; (4) All Balance corners, (4)Turn partners; (8) All Promenade; (8) Four Ladies Grand Chain; (4) All Turn Corners, (4) Balance partners; (8) Grand Right and Left; (8) Four Gents Grand Chain; (8) First lady/gent balance the ninepin, and turn ninepin; (8) Second lady/gent Swing the ninepin; (8) Four Ladies round the ninepin; (8) Four Gents circle five hands with the ninepin; (8) Promenade, Gents roll back one dancer; (8) Reverse Promenade, Ladies roll back one dancer; TED'S THREE-QUARTER CHAIN Author: Ted Sannella Formation: Square A1 (8) Heads Forward and Back; (8) Head Ladies Chain three-quarters to end standing between sides. A2 (8) Sides go Forward and Back (8) Side Ladies Chain three-quarters to the head men; B1 (16) Allemande Left corner, Dosado new partner, Allemande Left corner; B2 (16) Balance and Swing new partner SHEEHAN'S REEL Author: Roger Whynot (from his book Why Not Dance With Me? Formation: Square Use any Intro, Break, or Ending you wish. A1 (8) All Four Ladies go Forward and Back; (8) Gents do the same; A2 (8) Four Ladies Star Right once around; (8) Back by the Left; B1 (8) Pass partner by, turn Corner by the Right, Partner by the Left; (8) Swing Corner round and round; B2 (16) Promenade to gents home position; Repeat once more. Then use a break figure. Then repeat twice more. Add an ending figure if desired. CALIFORNIA QUADRILLE Author: Pat Kelm (2001) Formation: Squared Set Music: "Tip Top Quadrille" – Lloyd Shaw E-33, Side B A1 (8) Heads (Sides) Promenade Halfway; A1 (8) Heads (Sides) Right and Left Thru; A2 (8) Sides (Heads) Promenade Halfway; (8) Sides (Heads) Right and Left Thru; B1 (8) Sides (Heads) Face, Grand Square Six steps; (8) Right and Left Thru; B2 (8) Pass Thru, California Twirl; (8) Swing that girl (adjust to home position with new partner); 5th time through the music, use Rainbow Stroll: Take corner by the hand, move into the middle, U-Turn Back, come out, California Twirl, … repeat until back with original partner. Then all Circle Left, Allemande Left, Swing Partner, Promenade Home STARS AND STRIPES QUADRILLE Author: Jerry Helt (2001) Formation: Square Music: "Stars and Stripes Forever", Grenn 15011 A1 (8) Four Ladies Chain; A1 (8) Head two Right and Left Thru; A2 (8) Four Ladies Chain; (8) Side two Right and Left Thru; B1 (8) Ladies in, clap own hands, and back out; (8) Four Gents Star Right; B2 (8) Turn Partner Left, Turn Corner Right; (8) Promenade Corner (halfway round to Gents home);

Waltz Quadrilles

Three Traditional Versions No. 1 -- Wait 8 bars (all counts are in bars) (4) Heads Forward and Back (in waltz time); (4) Turn the Opposite; (8) Heads waltz; (16) All waltz round the set; Repeat for Sides. No. 2 -- Wait 8 bars (8) First couple waltz inside; (8) Grand Right and Left half round; (8) Waltz to place; Repeat for second, third and fourth couples. No. 3 -- Wait 8 bars (4) All join hands, forward (4) Ladies pass to the right; (16) All waltz full around the set; Repeat 3 more times. (8) Grand Right and Left half around; (8) All waltz round the hall. These same changes will do for any fancy quadrille by substituting polka, galop, schottische, redowa as the case may be, instead of waltz. WALTZ QUADRILLE Traditional Music: "The Waltz Quadrille" Couple 1 down the center, split 3 and divide Lady go right, gent go left, round the outside, Honour your partners and don't be afraid, To Swing on the corner with a Waltz Promenade. Chorus: One, two, three; One, two, three Turn as you, go - - One, two, three; One, two, three With the music you flow - - Couple #1 repeat (Gent 1 starts with Lady 4) Couple #2 repeat (Gent 2 starts with Lady 4) Couple #2 repeat (Gent 2 starts with Lady 3) Couple #3 repeat (Gent 3 starts with Lady 3) Couple #3 repeat (Gent 3 starts with Lady 2) Couple #4 repeat (Gent 4 starts with Lady 2) Couple #4 repeat (Gent 4 starts with Lady 1) Ending with all back with their original partner. CINCINNATI WALTZ QUADRILLE Author: Jerry Helt Formation: Four couples in a squared set Music: Gibson House Waltz on Blue Star #2378 A1 (8) All Four Ladies Right-Hand Star; (8) All Four Ladies Left-Hand Star; A2 (8) Partner Right-Hand Turn; (8) Partner Left-Hand Turn 1 1/2; B1 (8) All 4 Gents Right-Hand Star; (8) All 4 Gents Left-Hand Star, passing their partner; B2 (16) Waltz Promenade the next Lady all the way back to the Gent’s home position; Repeat 3 more times Waltz promenade may be done in ballroom position, making right turns (CW) and progressing CCW around the set, or in regular square dance promenade position.

The Lancers

Author: Stew Shacklette, June 2002. Type: Quadrille Formation: Four couple square set Music: Sonderburger Doppelquadrille, Tanz Record #EP58607 16: Honor Partner, Honor Corner. 32: Grand Square 64: Ladies Windmill 64: Grand Tour 32: Grand Square 64: Men Windmill 64: Grand Tour 32: Grand Square 64: Grand Windmill 64: Grand Tour 32: Grand Square Grand Square: (16 counts) Sides face, Heads go forward to center, while Sides backup; Heads turn to face partner and back up 4 counts, Sides turn to face the opposite lady and walk forward to meet at the head position; Head couples, who are now at side position will face and back up as the Sides face center and walk toward the center 4 steps; The Sides will face in the center and back away to original positions, Heads will face their home position and partner and walk forward to meet partner at home; (Total 16 counts) This figure is repeated in reverse with the Heads starting by backing up and the Sides walk toward the center to start. The figure is complete when everyone is at home. Total of 32 counts. Grand Tour: (32 counts) Ladies face their partner's right shoulder, and back up four steps to corner of square, face to the right and the next position around the square and walk forward four steps to that position and face center. Meanwhile the men will walk straight across the square in eight counts to the place of the lady in that position; the men will face to the right and walk backwards to the corners of the square as the ladies face in and walk straight across the square. This is repeated until everyone is at home. Total of 64 counts. When crossing the square, dancers will follow pattern, as if they were in a right hand star. The person on the left must cross in front of you. Ladies Windmill: (64 Counts) The ladies will star right 3/4, as the men walk to the right alonge the corner of the square, meet partner at the next position around the square, then turn partner by the left one full turn. This is repeated three more times until all reach home. Gents Windmill: (64 Counts) Gents will star right 3/4 as the ladies face to the right and walk along the corners of the square (8 counts), meet partner at the next position around the square, then turn partner by the left one full turn. This is repeated three more times until all are at home places. Grand Windmill: (64 Counts) Starts with the ladies staring right 3/4 to meet partner where they turn once and a half by the left, the men then star right as ladies walk the corners, meet partner and turn by the left once and 1/2. This is repeated with ladies in center then gents in center. All end at home with partner. Optional Figure (This figure may be used instead of Grand Tour) Grand Blossom: (32 counts) The couples at each home position, holding hands in a circle, will walk in toward the center four counts and raise both hands toward center; back up two counts and bring hands down then California twirl with partner to face out at home. Each couple will separate (ladies on inside) and walk the corners of the square to the next position around the square. Each gent, with a new lady, will repeat the same movement three more times. All dancers will end in original position. Total 64 counts. DEER PARK LANCERS Watch the Deer Park Lancers at There it says: "This dance was taught by Tony Parkes as part of his workshop session on New England Square Dances, recorded November 19, 2011, at the Dare To Be Square Weekend, John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina. Co-sponsored by the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS), the event brought together six experienced callers representing different styles of traditional and modern square dance with about 70 square dance enthusiasts." “The dance was adapted by several New England callers through the years from Figure 1 of the Deer Park Lancers, which appears in call books of the 1890s attributed to a Prof. G.T. Sheldon. Ed Moody, writing in Ralph Page's magazine Northern Junket in 1970, gave Ralph the credit for discovering and reviving it.” DEER PARK LANCERS as called by Tony Parkes Bow to your partner, Swing your partners all, And Promenade go round the hall, Sides face your partner, Grand Square, Reverse it now. Heads Promenade the outside, All the way around the ring, With the couple on the right two Ladies Chain (1 with 2, 3 with 4), Chain them back where you were before, Sides Arch, Heads Duck, Dip and Dive, Keep on going straight ahead, Dosado, Swing your Partner, home you go. Heads Promenade to the left, Go wrong way around on the wrong way track, All the way and don’t look back, With the left hand couple Right and Left Thru, And Right and Left Back you do, Sides Arch, Dip and Dive, Keep on going, Dosado the one you meet, Right back home and Swing your Sweet, Allemande Left your corners all, Swing your Partner, everybody swing, And Promenade go round the ring. Heads face your partner, Grand Square (Sides forward), Reverse. Side Couples Promenade the outside ... (Repeat above interchanging Sides for Heads) Allemande Left your corners all, Swing your own, you Swing your partners there at home, One more time, Promenade go down the line, And Bow to your partners all. LANCERS QUADRILLE (19th century ballroom) This five-figure dance was introduced to European high society in 1817, and presumably to American society shortly thereafter. Around 1850 its popularity surged, an it was the quadrille most in demand at formal balls until quadrilles went out of fashion around 1900. Music: Specially written or arranged music in five figures. Whenever a new Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera was produced in the 1870s and 1880s, dance music arranged from the score was published. Formation: Square of four couples each with lady on gentleman's right. We are using modern numbering to avoid confusion. Balance (Cecil Sharp siding version) To right side, close, side, touch; to left side, close, side touch Sashay: quick side, close, side, close, side, close, side, touch Figure 1: Music: 3 strains of 16 beats each, usually in 6/8 meter A Honor partner and corner (ladies curtsy, gents bow). B Heads forward and back (three steps and a close each way), Heads two-hand turn opposite person, returning to place. C Heads cross over, #1 splitting #3 and turn alone (#1 away from partner, #3 toward partner). Return to place, original #3 splitting #1 and turn to face corner. A All balance corner (3 steps to right and close, 3 steps to left and close), All two-hand turn corner, returning to own place. Repeat B, C, A to give each couple a chance to split opposite couple. Variation: on third and fourth times, balance and turn partner instead of corner. Figure 2 Music: 3 strains of 16 beats each, ususally in 2/4 meter A Wait in place. B Heads forward and back, Forward again, gent backs up as ladies fold to face partner. C Side Sashay to right and then to left, Heads two-hand turn to place while sides face partner and back away. A Lines of four at the heads go forward and back, All two-hand turn partner to place. Repeat B, C, A three more times (sides, heads, sides). Figure 3 Music: 2 or 3 strains of 16 beats each, always in 6/9 meter A Wait in place. B Heads forward and back, Heads forward and bow (music slows), backaway. A Four ladies in with right hands across, while gents face right and promenade Go 7 steps then all about face and go the other way back to home B Sides repeat as above A Four gents in with right hands across and ladies promenade Figure 4 Music: 3 strains of 16 beats each, usually in 6/8 meter A Wait in place B Head couples lead to the right and bow Turn to the left and Promenade to the other side couple and bow C With that couple, right hands across, left hands back, heads return to place. A Right and Left Thru with a big open turn (no hand behind the back) and return Repeat again it all for a total of 4 times (heads, sides, heads, sides) Figure 5 Music: Chorus of 32 beats alternating with figure of 64 beats, usually in 4/4 meter. Chorus: Honor Partner, Grand Right and Left (without trimmings) (12 steps to get to partner then step back and bow) Repeat on around to home. Figure: Couple 1 promenade inside and face out at home. Side couples fall in behind (either order), All chassez by your partner with ladies in front Slide, slide, slide, balance forward and back (1,2,3 and 1,2,3) All repeat chassez in opposite direction "March" #1 turn away from partner, walk from head to foot of column, other s follow, At foot, pass left shoulders with other line and continue up the other side to form lines at the sides (each dancer has switched sides with partner). Face Partner, lines at the sides forward and back, Two-hand turn pPartner to original place. Repeat chorus and figure for each couple; end with chorus. End with a Grand Right and Left "Sullivan Memories" on CD from England Old Time Set Dances, Savoy 214 CD

Historic Quadrilles

The Quadrille was a dance of the early 19th century performed by four couples in a square. The music was chosen from popular tunes or operatic airs of the day. This description came from old instructions Judy Weger found among her mother's papers. Notes: Balance Four: Join crossed hands with partner, slide 7 steps to opposite side with the gents passing back to back. Then slide 7 steps back (no turning). Right and Left = Right and Left Thru over and back Ladies Chain = Ladies join their right hands as they pass then left hand to opposite gent to turn once around then ladies rejoin right hands to return and left hand to partner to return to place. (No Courtesy Turn) Figure One: Intro: Address Partner, Address Corners (bow); (16) Head Couples Right and Left; (16) Side Couples Right and Left; (16) Heads Balance Four; (16) Sides Balance Four; (16) Head Two Ladies Chain; (16) Side Two Ladies Chain; (16) Heads Half Promenade, Half Right and Left; (16) Sides Half Promenade, Half Right and Left; (16) All Join Hands, Forward and Back, Swing Partners; (16) All Promenade. Figure Two: Couple One Lead Right and Circle four hands around, then on to the next couple and Circle four, and to the last couple and Circle four; Dos-a-Dos with Corner, Dos-a-Dos with Partner; Allemande Left with corner then Allemande Right with partner; All join hands, Forward and Back, Swing Partners, Promenade. Figure Three: Circle Eight Hands around; Four Ladies Grand Chain (over and back); Grand Right and Left full around; Circle Eight Hands around ; Four Gentlemen Grand Chain (over and back); Grand Right and Left full around; All join hands, Forward and Back, Swing Partners, Promenade.
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